Clocks are falling off the light-spattered walls,

painted the color of brown light; light wool curtains are disclosing

moonlight. In the smoggy light of cities, where the light is mayonnaise-dingy,

the forest still dreams like a flower: O light, moving rapidly across the prairies;

O unstreaming light blocking the light like a pound of wet meat,

where the firelight of mosquitoes eat the light, run, light, down my lips

like crunchy, cold, icy light, drowning in the mouth of the Lord’s light handkerchief.

Children near night lights cry tears of light so that the light tears like very light paper…

Who can light the way to stadiums of light where light applause ripples like apples in the water?

The light punctuation in the punctuation of light: all the light adjectives as seen through the light,

because the light just burped.  The noises of light shifting through the threadbare light,

treading softly across the light carpet.  Treading light, softly across the carpet…

Light treading softly across the carpet; treading softly, light across the carpet


Treading softly across, light the carpet

Treading softly across the carpet, light


Light swim-trunks seem from a distance across the canyons of light

Beyond the foothills of light where light stands above the river

And shakes its light booty

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