To Breakfast for Dinner


Tonight I dined like a king: three eggs 
cracked, their brown “cage-free grain-fed” 
shells tossed (without patience or compunction) 
down into the swishing white garbage bag, 
two baskets! and I flipped the switch 
on the stove, turned back the black dial 
one notch – “HI” – and said hello, real soon, 
to the simmering eggs, whites emerging slowly 
like meaning from a poem, out of the clear 
heated liquid, while the yolks like domes 
quaked yellow in the sun of my sight. 
Quickly pulled off some scraps of mozzarella, 
flung them into the mess, knifed a half tomato 
into wedges and dropped them in, too, 
then jumped to the toaster and laid down 
two pieces of wheat bread, pressed in the toast button, 
and the whole affair cooked and sizzled and scrambled 
as my cat jumped on my leg and I danced 
completely sober and said hello to mid-November 
and sat down three minutes later
with healthy doses of squeezed ketchup 
and ate the whole sloppy 
red, brown, white and yellow affair 
as my cat pawed my thigh 
and my fork said grace

1 comment
  1. Phil said:

    Really liked it! No hashbrowns?

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