ART history!!!!!!



The day was occidental, like regional lipstick,

local scrapbooks, precisely drawn faces. 

Someone drew a mural. 

Then descended the Abstract Expressionists,

whose enormous eyebrows, when lifted,

could wipe out a city,

or bring, lowering into evening,

a storm cloud

of such frightening proportions

that even the tips of skyscrapers gaped

 and said “Holy Lord Jesus!”

and backed away from the canvas,

as big as a jungle, on which the Abstract Expressionists

pressed their own bodies

or roamed like panthers through the dark dark woods. 

Down subway stops they cavorted,

boom boom went their black loafers, vavoom vavoom!

And they infiltrated cars, this raucous battery of grimaces

freezing in any weather,

or sat in empty houses

above white bare plates, containing

a sausage.  One measly sausage, they cried out!

And we don’t like sausages! 

Barnett Newman

could be seen weeping before the sausages.

Around this time

Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg

tickled the Abstract Expressionists,

then walked away.  As they all laughed,

a new ART arose, still quite serious

but perhaps humbler!  Don’t ask about

Andy Warhol

dancing by himself!  That happened later,

when ART history, like a peeping tom swan, craned its neck

and videotaped the dance.  Soon a world of sleekness

prevailed: surfaces and sinks. 

This bare area was eager to be wed to the Conceptualists,

who, appreciating the bareness and barrenness of ideas,

could not help but swing by on ropes made of concepts

and fling themselves into the ART arena

full of bluffing, coughing bulls

without touching anything. 

“Duchamp,” you say?  Yes, everything ever written

in the annals of ART shucked itself off

and stuck to him like embarrassed small pink sticky notes,

and the geyser of ART ejaculated! 

Duchamp danced a gleeful dance,

opened the first book of the world

and wrote his signature there,

which still hangs in the air now

like a satisfying winking aria,

full of the dreamer’s geography

and the irony of our time in ART!


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