Campaign Speech

Sometimes a poem begins with an idea –

an enjoyable one, like Scooby Doo,

or a not-so-funny one, like laundry.

Other times it’s a phrase,

glistening and lyrical.  This poem began

without ideas.  It is part of my campaign –

I’m campaigning for the poet laureateship

of Whiteway.  My slant is that I write poems

without ideas.  For my first speech

I thought I’d read this poem.  Here it is in my hand.

It begins, “People of Whiteway!!!!”

It ends, “Thank you.”  So I go plodding on.


Yesterday I went door to door passing out a pamphlet

with my campaign slogan:“Get ‘Em While They’re Hot:

Vote for Me!”  Beside my picture,

I put a picture of ten hot dogs, slathered in ketchup,

each in a bun.  Will I be giving out hot dogs at our next event?

Of course!  You think I’d just put a picture of hot dogs

next to my face, and not pass them out?


Sheesh!  The things people ask!


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