A Communication Pattern

me                                                                                                            you

     me                                                                                                    you

           me                                                                                          you

                me                                                                                you                                  

                       me                                                                     you                  

                              me                                                         you

                                     me                                            you                                  

                                            me                               you                                  

                                                 me                     you

                                                            me you

                                                            you me

                                                  you                     me

                                            you                                  me

                                      you                                                me

                                 you                                                           me

                            you                                                                      me

                     you                                                                                    me

                you                                                                                               me

           you                                                                                                           me

      you                                                                                                                      me

you                                                                                                                                   me

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