Second Erasure of Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams

Second Preface


The study of interpretation

has continued to develop in a direction.

From my own experience, I

have learned to value the significance

accumulated in the course

of this consideration.  New


in the text

 threaten to warp the original discussion;

if we have been unsuccessful in

raising the text of our present views, I must beg

for the gaps in the book, as they are the present

development of our knowledge. 


They will have to include poetry for their contributions and corrections. 


Scientific Problems


In the following pages there exists

dreams.  Every dream will show itself to

an assignable place.  I shall

explain strangeness.  This accomplished,

my point must be attempted through other material


Presuppose that the reader is the work done by earlier authors.


To write a history of knowledge is difficult

because progress has been discernible. 

There has been no construction of a foundation of assured results,

but every new author should be prevented from drawing

a clear and complete picture of the present. 


Until recently, most authors have been

analogous states; in the more recent works,

there has been a tendency to take an expression

of enlightenment and, by a series of detailed investigations,

have little occasion to study the problem. The naïve person on awakening

assumes that the old physiologist, Burdach,

expressed this conviction in an oft-quoted passage, p. 4: “The waking life

repeats itself.  Even when our whole mind

is filled with one subject,

profound sorrow gives us something entirely of reality.”

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